The Builders of Fairways North in Stony Plain

Fairways North in Stony Plain offers various high-end home styles, including meticulously crafted two-story homes and bungalows. These homes showcase double and triple-car garages, spacious open layouts, and an average of three bedrooms with two and a half bathrooms. Fairways North fosters a sense of comfort and community alongside its modern and luxurious residences, providing stunning views of the expansive golf course and convenient access to various amenities. Three prominent builders, HRD Homes, Attessa Homes, and Sancity Homes, bring their unique expertise and dedication to quality to this vibrant community, offering residents the opportunity to create their dream homes in a fantastic setting.

HRD Homes

HRD Homes, a prominent builder in Fairways North, is dedicated to creating quality custom homes that reflect each homeowner’s unique style and preferences. Founded on the basis of a love for construction, HRD Homes takes pride in working closely with clients to bring their visions to life. As a family-run company, the team at HRD Homes views every project as an opportunity to provide exceptional service and craftsmanship, ensuring that every detail of the custom home meets the client’s expectations. With a focus on creativity and quality workmanship, HRD Homes offers a personalized building experience that sets them apart in Fairways North. Experience the difference with HRD Homes as you build the home of your dreams.

Contact HRD Homes at (587) 597-3205

Attessa Homes 

Attessa Homes offers captivating floor plans and designs paired with transparent pricing to entice potential homebuyers. Their dedication to providing turnkey solutions means that homeowners can realize their dream living space efficiently and with a focus on quality. Each home crafted by Attessa Homes is meticulously designed with precision and care, ensuring that it aligns with the homeowner’s unique lifestyle and preferences. 

As a valued partner of HRD Homes, a respected name known for quality and innovation in construction, Attessa Homes upholds the same standard of excellence and craftsmanship in the spec home market. With the support of HRD Homes, Attessa Homes possesses the necessary expertise, resources, and assistance to create outstanding spec homes that meet the highest benchmarks in design, function, and longevity.

Contact Attessa Homes at: (587) 441-5880

Sanctity Homes

Sancity Homes is a dedicated homebuilder known for their commitment to innovation and quality customer service. Their team of professionals focuses on attention to detail and craftsmanship to deliver homes that meet industry standards. Sancity Homes takes pride in tailoring every aspect of the home building process to each homeowner’s individual needs and desires. They aim to create comfortable, functional living spaces where families can create lasting memories. Sancity Homes is dedicated to delivering top-tier service and personalized living spaces tailored to each homeowner’s unique needs and desires.

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Fairways North in Stony Plain is a premier destination for those seeking high-end, customized homes that exude comfort, community, and convenience. With a variety of home styles, expansive golf course views, and proximity to essential amenities, Fairways North offers residents a truly exceptional living experience. HRD Homes, Attessa Homes, and Sancity Homes have each contributed their unique approach and commitment to quality craftsmanship, making Fairways a sought-after location for those looking to turn their homeownership dreams into reality. 

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